Congrats Cleveland

Congratulations Cleveland! According to ‘The Blaze’ you are number 5 on America’s most segregated cities. However, is this no surprise considering Cleveland has been home to many different immigrants and ethnicities throughout the centuries? My grandmother still tells me, back when Nixon was president, every street over by East 40th and Superior had its own race and traditions. That people would speak their native tongue and associate with familiar people.  What happened? Is there something we can do to make Cleveland a friendlier place to live? With having more than 1oo different ethnic groups living in Cleveland, states that “We are firm believers of the tossed salad model, where unique cultures are maintained and celebrated as we all live in the same big bowl, rather than the melting pot where all are supposed to blend into a homogenous mass.” I believe if we open, not only our eyes but, our arms to others that we can be surprised by what we lean, putting down the gates of segregation. Forget about the tomatoes and cucumbers mixing in the salad bowl and how all the other ingredients cook together in the melting pot and instead get involved in our city and try new things. Whether it’s trying new foods out of the comfort zone, attending an ethnic festival or simply making a friend, what’s the worst that can happen? You learn something about others in Cleveland and Yourself.


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