Presidential election

As we all know, the presidential election is coming up very soon. It seems as both candiates are neck to neck but did the roles reverse after the last debate? Obama feels as he has the edge on Mitt but is acting like he is the underdog and feels as if he has a lot to do to catch up to Romney.  Mitt Romney called Obama’s campain desperate.  This is going to come down to the final straw as I see it.  This is one of the closest it has been between two candiates for as long as I can remember, especially this late, no one can really say who is in the lead and who is behind. I do believe that most people already made up their minds on who they are going to vote for now that all the debates are over and we heard what each candiate basically wants to do with this country and which group of people will get more benefits and who will not beneifit.  I already know who won my vote by what I already heard and nothing in the next two weeks will be able to change that because the stuff that the candiates presented is not going to change.  I am excited and anxious to find out who will win this election because both Obama and Romney have totally different ways of approaching this country and I never paid as much attention to an election as much as I am to this one so it should be exciting to find out the winner.

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