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Class D. Felony”Threating the President of the United States”To inflict bodily harm was the actions of Tagg Romney. These words were spoken from the 42-year old child of Mitt Romney ” He wanted to jump out of his seat, rush down to the debate stage and take a swing at President Barrack Obama whom depleted his father’s truthfulness. Additionally seems to me after he said that  “the only reason he did not was a lot of Secret Service was between him and the President. In other words  if it was not for the Secret Service he would have followed through with his threatening accusation of taking action  towards President Obama…Strong words and  of Tagg’s at the presidential debate  Monday the third and final one. Raised brows is an understatement. Seems to me that Barrack ruffled some feathers. However Tagg’s response for his actions was that the debate for Presidency was the nature of the process. THEY, meaning whom? are going to do everything “they” can to try to make his Dad someone he is not…we signed up for it, and he just have to sit and take this kind of stuff.

In closing what kind of example has Mitts son of leadership was set? If Mitt  has no control over his own children…Surely this is not someone who is capable of running a neither country nor let alone Presidency. It is coming more and more pronounced that racism is alive. There is a law in practice that prevents this sort of behavior, yet, nothing was done about Taggs ridiculous out burst of violence of threat.

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