Did Hurricane Sandy effect the election?

Hurricane sandy took almost 40 lives in New York and caused billions of dollars of damage to the city and state.  Some may say that both candiates have failed to confront the problems that are arising in this nation, but after this tragical hurricane that effected most of the Northeast, climate change which may have contributed to  Hurricane Sandy, is now a big topic to think about which president will be better in going on and attacking the global climate change to maybe limit future damages.  Mr. Bloomberg, a politcal independent, mentioned in saying that the hurricane may have influenced the presidential election and that Obama would be the better president in dealing with those kind of situations.  The change in climate in my opinion is a big deal and is the cause of homes being destructed, lives being taken, and people getting critically injured.  I really do not know which presidential candiate would take more action about this topic but who ever wins the election, I hope they would consider it a major issue.  If people have a feel to whom they think the better person would be for this, then I would agree that this big storm did effect the election a little bit.

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