Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy created a lot of damage all over the East coast. But did it have anything to do with the 2012 presidential elections. The answer is clear, and the answer is yes. Hurricane Sandy might have been the reason as to why President Obama won the 2012 presidential election. He visited each of the devastated states and showed his remorse for the victims families’ that were lost in the storm. In this time of need, he was very sympathetic towards the people of the United States. As a former president at the time, the people of the United States saw something in the president that put Obama in the office for the second term. His opponent Mitt Romney only lost by a mere two percent. It was a close race, but a well fought one; showing who was more desperate to care for the needs of the people. Most importantly, the debates are all over and so are the annoying phone calls and silly ads. Many uneducated minorities (African Americans) voted without any real knowledge but based upon rumors of making their life easier. They would continue to be on welfare and the rumors of “free” cellphones created a stir amongst the African American population. The “free” healthcare system is just another blinded perk that Obama will  offer and it will continue to dig a deeper hole for our countries national debt. And although the African American community is a minority in the US, they still continue to have had an influence in the 2012 elections. But time will tell and we shall wait patiently another four years, as HOPE and CHANGE will cloud over the United States.

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