Native Americans

After talking about Native Americans last week in class, I thought later about why we really do not talk about them nearly as much as other minority groups.  After learning about their culture and traditions they have, I think they are more of the intresting groups.  When people think minority groups, Hispanics, Mexicans, African Americans, and Asian come to mind, never Native Americans.  The issues they face, whether old or new, are not talked about and just pass by but issues that the other minority groups face are on topic for a while being.  Some of the issues Native Americans face are health issues, teen suicide, sterotype images, boarding schools, etc.  Most live in uran areas and still speak their native language more than any other language.  I was shocked when I heard this but native american teeen’s committ suicicde more then any other racial group and have a higher infant mortality rate.  Those are big deals and people don’t realize it.  There are alot of problems that are occuring where they live and need more attention than what they are getting, the government spends over 3 billion dollars annually on Indian programs for Native nations but only ten cents in every dollar actually reach the one’s in desperate need.

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