racism in political opinions

I was listening to a radio station the other day and I heard a guy call in and say that he’s “sick of having to pay for all of these black people here, and that they should go back with the monkeys where they came from.”  he said that he’s pissed off because of the fact that he always has to pay for the black people’s welfare.  this amazes me that people think like this, and feel like they’re victims.  also it amazes me since white people make up for the majority of welfare.  this guy is an example of somebody who feels threatened and feels like being white is losing its power.  its funny that some people stereotype all people into a category.  i also found it amusing that he said that they should go back to their country, cause i’m pretty sure their ancestors had no choice in coming here or not, since they came here in shackles.  plus he wasn’t native american, so actually, i’m pretty sure african-americans ancestors were here before his, but he feels like he’s entitled to having power.  this is an example of greedy people not being able to cope with people that are minorities being equal with them.  you know, cause they’re people and everything.

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1 Response to racism in political opinions

  1. bridge727 says:

    It does make me laugh that in 2012 we still have people so narrow minded and whites still think we are superior to everyone else. We are all human and we were always taugh to treat others how you want to be treated. The way people behave today and the comments that they make are really disgusting. We are all immigrants and the people that are making these comments need to go back to history class to get a refresher as to how they came to this amazing country and then maybe they will sto and think before they make uneducated comments that are really just hated.

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