Barack Re-elected

Celebration!!!!Continues.,The First Black President is Re-elected. Who is laughing now! I am glad it is over the entire negative, disreapectfulness and threats has now subsided and all their followers…Definitely I am elated…Certainly; these are the signs of change that is moving foward NOT backwards.. As the American people push towards refining this nation there is no doubt in my mind that the next election will consist of a female democrat. Mitt the sore loser that he is and always will be, was  short on comments and words and a speech.   He just wanted to go somewhere mope and hide away from the publics view. Romney, intimiidation tatics was useless. Who got the power now”Oh Dominant One”? I guess, Mitt will not be able to discard the Obama Health Care; neither will he be able to help his cronies on taxes…Next time Romney take notes on what it takes to fill a black man’s shoes…Can’t we ALL just get along…Allow a “REAL” Leader, Lead….

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