Lesbian Veteran

Although Veteran’s Day has already passed, I believe this article and Army veteran, Tracey Cooper-Harris, should be brought into the spotlight. In 2008, 12 year veteran Tracey married her spouse, Maggie, in the state of California, where their marriage is legally recognized. However, Tracey is suffering from “multiple sclerosis, a disease that attacks the central nervous system” and, in the future, wants to ensure her wife financially. Now according to the Department of Veterans Affairs, a marriage is between two people of opposite sex which Tracey and her spouse do not apply, denying the request to be buried next to one another in the veteran’s cemetery and other “military benefits that are available to heterosexual married couples”. Tracey’s lawyer states that “Tracey shouldn’t have to endure discrimination that belittles her marriage and her service to this country”.

My question to you is why is one’s service viewed differently from another? Did Tracey not do enough for our Country?

I Thank You Tracey for your Service and for being an Example for others!



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