Roaming Romas

After bringing up the topic in class about France’s repatriating the Romas (Gypsies) back to Romania, I wanted to do a little more research because this is a group of people that are ‘labeled’ without a true home. The hatered that I witnessed in Europe for the Gypsies was not only perplexing but, in their view, justifiable. In neighboring cities/villages around the Croatian, gypsy village of Vodnjan, mothers would scare their children, saying that the gypsies would kidnap them for misbehaving, and other families would completely damage their trash, such as furniture, because Vodnjan gypsies take everything everywhere with them in their trucks. However in France, President Sarkozy is trying to shift this view off of the French government’s corruption and on the romas’ crime – illegal trafficking, children begging and prostitution. The French government’s solution is to give to each roma family “300 euros (£246; $384) and an additional 100 euros for each child” (BBC News) in return for the voluntary agreement to leave the country. France is not the first; Germany, Italy, Denmark and Sweden having similar policies but to what point is this not legal racism? I dare not start the conversation about Arizona’s immigrant policy but I believe it all stems from the same problem: discrimination.

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