Bleach filled Balloons

I’m at a loss for words when I read this article but even more so that no suspects have been found. At the University of Texas, students have been filling up balloons with bleach and tossing them from above on to targeted suspects – African Americans and Asians. This act of racial discrimination is not only immature but so removed from understanding what this country is built on that I hope no other college campus experiences this. When enrolling into college, it is expected to be a vas diverse group of people engaging with one another but to learn and create bonds rather than play hurtful pranks.

I hope the suspects get some justice because this shouldn’t happen to anyone but what would happen is the story was flipped? That the African Americans and Asians were causing the pain onto other students. Do you believe that the public’s reaction, including yours, would change?–abc-news-topstories.html

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