The Congressional Black Caucus

Over the last few weeks the topic of the Congressional Black Caucus has been a hot one on radio, television and amongst friends of mine. The interesting thing about it to me was not that it was formed but the stipulations that are in place to be in the caucus. While blacks are not the only group to have a caucus in Congress, they are the only group that only allows in people of there race. The formation of a caucus is meant to advance the constituency of congress members who have large numbers of that group in there district. This puzzles me namely because it seems as though there would be a lot of members of congress that would have a large number of African American represented in their district but they are not able to join the caucus. While this may not fall under the category of racist to some, to me it seems to have racist tones to it because they are intentionally leaving out other races at will just like was once done to them. To me an inclusive society will require no caucus’s, and no race based agendas and rather a national agenda.

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