I found this article extremely interesting because it shows that people who receive welfare are mostly white, contrary to the beleif that its all blacks on welfare, and all they do is abuse it.  I like how we want to drug test for these people that abuse the system, even though it costs us so much money.  the people that actually abuse it are less then 2 percent of the people on welfare in this state.  so, i’m thinking that this shows that most of the people on welfare are NOT abusing it, even though i’ve been told many times that most of them do.  I don’t understand it, there are always exceptions for everything, there are always extreme cases.  People say its unconstitutional to drug test people for welfare.  I don’t know if i’ll go that far, but I do know that now that we have these statistics, we could stop wasting millions of dollars we don’t have on drug testing welfare recipients.  I’ve heard the argument that says “if you get drug tested for jobs, then why would you not for welfare.”  I understand that argument and it makes sense.  In my opinion though, nobody should be drug tested at their work.  How about this, we hire people on reliability, and if they’re a good worker, etc.  This makes sense to me.  Why would you care what people do on their free time.  This is like saying a guy who is always sober but shows up to work late everyday and never finishes his job is a way better employee than someone who smokes marijuana, but is on time everyday for work and does his job perfectly.  It doesn’t make sense to me, but that’s just me.

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  1. creamofwheat38 says:

    sorry, i forgot my title. it is “Welfare and drug testing.”

  2. bridge727 says:

    I grew up with a single mom who raised three kids and had to be on welfare. My mom was married and then got a divorce and had three kids to raise. While she was on welfare though she was in college getting her degree because she knew that she had to make a living. She chose computers as her degree, not because she liked it, but because she knew that she needed something that would provide her a job and care for her children. She was very embarrassed that she had to be on welfare and she did everything she did to get off of it. I have to say that welfare can be a good thing because without it who knows how I would have gotten food and other essentials growing up. I think alot of people think that if you are on welfare that you are lazy and you sleep around and if you would stop sleeping around and having kids then you wouldnt need it. That is not always the case.

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