acting civilized

I think we figured out after last class that people in college usually have developed a particular opinion on most things, and usually defend it with all their might, and sometimes turns into a good debate.  The problem is when people get offended by what other people’s opinions are.  This is America and you are entitled to your opinion.  All I see anymore is people yelling at other people, and calling them idiots for what they think.  Why anymore when somebody disagrees with somebody else does that spark a shouting contest.  I think that if everybody in the world argued their points by being civilized that we would get a lot farther in everything.  Even in politics, it isn’t about politics anymore, its about calling the other person an idiot, a liar, or a moron.  We’re so preoccupied with proving somebody else’s opinions wrong that we resort to violence and screaming matches instead of focusing on what is being debated.  we love power so much as people that we base our arguments on showing that you are superior, whether it being with big words, trying to put them down, or acting superior to the other person.  In college I think that we’ve had enough time to learn that nothing gets done long term through violence, and all it does is create a hostile environment.  So if we know this, then why do we continue to criticize other people for what they think, or how they talk, or what words they use.  The best way to get your point across is by saying it calmly, and then listening to the other party.  I’ve realized that sometimes if you just listen to what the other person is saying you can learn something.  Not one person ever has known everything.  If you listen to what somebody has to say and sit back and take it, they could be making a valid point which could change you opinion.  These days anymore people don’t listen to what other people have to say anymore, they are stuck on being right, and thinking that their opinion is right no matter what.  What irritates me the most though, is when somebody thinks they are superior to somebody else just becasue that other person isn’t saying anything.  People, we learn by listening, not by yelling, screaming, and insulting people, or acting like you are superior because somebody uses a word like “dude” or “man.”  I’ve come to see that no matter how smart you are, that if you’re talking to somebody and you use one of those words, their automatic interpretation of you is that you’re a moron.  let’s leave the insults, the hostility, and the automatic judgement behind us. what a world that would be.

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