Ramanjit Gill

I think all sterotypes are bad, not even the ones that are intended to be good or not degrading. The infamous one is that all asian people are smart. Thats still a sterotype and even if it is a good one your generalizing the whole race of asain people being smart and thats a sterotype. By saying that i think it is true your starting to see a lot of other asians in schools not getting help when they really need help because of the stigma that has been labled that hey don’t need help and that they are already genuinely smart. People will always think that, reguardless if its an sterotype and saying it, it is bad to sterotype as a whole. I think sterotypes will always be there around us its a way of communicating and a way to express what your talking about in a metaphor way. The biggest sterotype for my race being Indian is that most Indians are doctors, engineers and business men. It is true for the most part of the whole race but a lot of them work in factories, day laborers and you dont hear about those people. For example my dad worked at a factory for 20 years and that year he finally starting making 48k plus, until 7 years ago we decided to go get a drive thru. To conclude sterotypes will always be there, most of the time they are true but there too general for the whole race, and sterotyping is not a good thing to do in general because you are skewing the whole race.

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