Ramanjit Gill

I  think African Americans can get out of poverty and move up from the chain and really enjoy the american way of life. It takes generations for races to move up and achieve great things and to stratify as a race. If a family is living in the projects you would hope by the third generation or earlier the life will be different and that the generation will be in the middle class, climbing the latter to achieve great things. My parents had’nt had the chance to go to college because of money issues coming into America. My dad graduated high school here and starting working and got married at 22 and then shortly after had me. So now that I am older enough I realize what my parents accept of me to do in life. They want me to do better than they did and so on and so on each generation. College for me is something i have to accomplish not just for myself but for my parents, I would hope my kids go to college as well and college after this will be a thing that is automatically in your head to accomplish regaurdless of the obstacles of life. So if my race can come into America and achieve great things and prosper any other race can also. Races can climb up the latter and prosper with the right parental guideness and steering of your child the right way can always make each generation better than the last.

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  1. bigmac20 says:

    I agree, parenting is a huge part of someone’s upbringing – however when a society distills certain expectations of you or your upbringing it can be pretty hard to break that trend. Certain things seem to stack up against you without reason, such as lack of educational opportunities and the quality of it. That alone is enough to cripple a young person from making the right decisions growing up like doing drugs, crimes or practicing safe sex. When everything around you is acting a particular way, there is a strong chance you are going to follow their lead. I guess what I’m basing this from is where a person is growing up. A family in the projects doesn’t necessarily have the resources or time to ‘stratify as a race’ when they are worried about food being on the table. Today’s projects are WAY below the poverty line and have to do what’s needed to keep food on the table, which for some families mean two or three jobs. At the minimum wage of $7.50 that probably barely covers the cost of living. Then you throw in school fees, supplies, transportation, and all the other things that go with it you could have a serious problem. There are many working parts to why a family can’t join the middle class.

    Also, how is this attributed to race?

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