Ramanjit Gill

I think it would be a great idea to drug test twice a year randomly for the people who are on welfare for many reasons. Welfare is intented for people who really need money to make ends meet and to have the needs met not the wants. Myself working at a store where we accept the food card i see people using the card all the time on chips candy drinks and pop. Theres been many times recorded in our government that small stores have been busted for using the food stamp card for things like cigerettes and beer which is absolutly a no no and against the law and prohibited. Am not saying all people abuse the food stamp but over fifty percent do. Tax payers have to pay into the governtment subsidies that people use that need it to help support the lower class. I think we should never the stop food stamp and other funding but people should’nt abuse it and the government needs to regulate it a little better like everything else and having a random drug testing for those individuals would be a great idea. It would make sure that the people who are using food stamp money on drugs don’t deserve it and are’nt using it for the proper reasons and are using it for the wants not the needs.

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