high school?

I thought that it was interesting last week that multiple people didn’t know about the internment camps that we had for Japanese citizens after pearl harbor.  A friend of mine and I did a report on it in high school and it amazed me that people didn’t know what it was.  A lot of the times, high schools don’t teach the right things to students.  This along with the Spanish flu as an example, and other things aren’t really taught and most people don’t know about major events in history.  This is just something I found funny the other day.  My sister came home and told my mom that her teacher said that “the reason America fought the revolutionary war was because of the trade of the wooly mammoth.”  This is not a joke, this is what she was actually taught.  I don’t know if it was a joke or she was just confused, but I just thought that it was funny that this was actually said.  I know that this is an extreme case, but this is just a funny example to what is being taught nowadays.

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2 Responses to high school?

  1. redheadederin says:

    I agree. I learned about it in high school and actually in middle school, just in my own readings and research (I’ve always loved history). History is always biast and it’s not a surprise something that makes America look bad is not really talked about.

  2. bigmac20 says:

    There must have been some type of in-school joke running around because there is no way the public school systems are failing this greatly. I mean, I’ve heard some outrageous stories about teachers (one being researching ‘the psychological reasons for pornography’ in an 8th grade class) but for a teacher to firmly believe that mammoths being alive and a crucial role to that war is unbelievable. I hope the school is funded to the point where it can afford teachers that won’t make these mistakes, and have the resources for proper education. Clearly when your sister comes home and talks about her day, your family cares and supports her – so it’s NOT that. Honestly, I’d look forward to parent/teacher conferences if I was your mom.

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