Immigrants on Welfare

I came as in immigrant of Ukraine when I was a little boy. The United States was a new land for our family. Everything was new to us; the people, the language, the food, and the government. Being the youngest out of six children, I practically grew up in the states. This country has given me the opportunity that no other country would even come close to offering. I am well educated and am in the process of getting my RN degree. I have a roof under my head, plenty of clothes, and most of all, food. I thank God for everything that I have and own. Overall I am healthy and cannot complain about anything. But this all happened because of the good hand that welfare offered all new immigrants. The point of welfare or was we may hear, WIC, is to just get a new family on their feet. They are to just buy the necessities of life which include food and water. You should not be able to buy luxuries like a flat screen TV. The point of welfare is to help a family get situated and get on their feet. Once they are doing good, welfare is cut off and they are now understanding the ways of the USA. This WIC was offered to us in both a debit card and food stamps. We were surviving off of what little we had left over. You have to keep in mind that there was a total of 8 people to feed. It was not easy getting started, but once we got the hang of it all my siblings contributed a little and at the end it all payed off. Now we all share a bit of something into the US economy. But what bugs me the most is seeing the people that don’t get off welfare because they don’t want to work. They get so used to it they they just stay on it. There has to be an “x” number of years restriction as to how long you can stay on it. Because if we get to the roots of it all, this is all of the tax payers money.

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  1. bigmac20 says:

    I agree, the system is too easy to feed off. A time limit would do wonders for it, along with mandatory drug testing. But I think your family was in a very unique position, being fresh in the country and a total of 8 people to care for. Many other recipients may be a single mother and her child – making it very easy to have extra at the end of every month for the luxury’s of life. I see girls with iPhones, manicures, tans… and a 5 year old. Granted this is just an example not a fact, but I’m sure many other families are in similar situations with no desire to change. I’m glad your family was responsible and took only what you needed. It restores my hope that others may follow suit someday.

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