Since the beginning of this class, I have actively found myself becoming more self-conscious about how I perceive others. I’ve noticed myself suppressing stereotypes and preconceived thoughts about people from other religions, ethnicities and even locations around home. This is clearly a positive step forward for myself by not allowing societal norms to reflect my personal experiences and interactions with others. I can only assume that it’s had the same influence in most of you as well since Dr. Flatt has preached it since day one – probably hoping for this result in some way. But regardless of that, I’m happy for myself having this small change and greater self awareness on the topic.

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  1. enigmatic3 says:

    I couldn’t agree more! my closest friends and family have even noticed these changes, and have been more sensitive with race/gender topics. I constantly refer to the class, always having educational facts to add. It has also made me much more alert to news topics and the media. Many times Im baffles by whats going on in the world.

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