Happy Holidays

Lately it seems like everybody has been fighting over what we should say to each other during the holidays.  Should we say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Joyous Kwanza, nobody knows? Everybody is fighting over what we should say to each other, and how theirs is better than everybody else’s.  It amazes me that we fight over what we should say to each other and we really forget about what the holidays are about.  Giving and being nice to each other.  If somebody came up to me and said Happy Hanukuh, or joyous kwanza, or happy Holidays, I’m not going to be offended just because you said something that didn’t have to do with my religion (christianity) I’m just going to be happy because you said something nice to me.

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One Response to Happy Holidays

  1. strength3751 says:

    I absolutely agree with what you are saying if someone told me something other than Merry Christmas I would to be satisfied just out of their generosity. However; if you say Merry Christmas to someone who is Jewish they may get offended because you’re automatically assuming that that person celebrates Christmas therefore you are putting of the image that your religion is better than theirs. Happy holidays is just a safe phrase to use with everyone to still show your kindness because then you know that you will not offend anyone even if it isn’t on purpose.

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