It surprises me that a lot of people hate immigrants so much.  especially those damn illegal immigrants.   I know many people that will automatically assume that some people from my family are illegal immigrants, just because they have an accent.  It kinda of irritates me because every person that’s here today came from another country somewhere down the line unless you were a Native American.  It is also a fact that the reason this country became so great was because of immigrants.  In its early years, so many immigrants came here and made a difference.  Now everybody’s problem is the mexicans or hispanics.  It amazes me that once we agree about one group not being the problem anymore, we move on to the next group.  For example the Irish and the Italians were picked on, now we accept them, and we have to find a new group.  I hope one day this just stops and we all live together peacefully, no matter what country we are in.

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