Pluralism- Good or Bad?

The projection of pluralism with minority groups joining the majority in the United States can be supported sufficiently as a positive or a negative implementation.

By immigrants learning and assimilating to American values, morals, and ideals, they may be more fit to succeed in the economy and workforce. They may also be a more functional individual in society after learning the native language and achieving other efforts in order to pluralize and blend with the larger society. Although immigrants keeping their personal values and beliefs from their foreign lands does not make them any less capable as a person, adjusting to a new environment and altering their views and abilities will benefit them when functioning in a new culture.

Although I think pluralism would overall benefit the American society as a whole, there are also disadvantages to this philosophy. This belief in assimilation implements the idea that it is possible for their to be an equal chance for everyone, regardless of race and ethnicity, when there is little support for this notion. This is due to pluralism maintaining the belief that hinders of equality are nonexistant, and also that the ones that should assimilate are the minorities, and not the majority. Perhaps if the majority assimilitated to the immigrants’ ethnic values, or, better yet, there was a compromise between immigrants and natives, the notion for equality and pluralism in the United States would become a more realistic, achievable goal.

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