It’s complex, but racism is still here in many forms.

Taken a few sociology classes, and here’s what everyone thinks:
– Racism isn’t quite as overt anymore, but it’s still here in a subtle form.

I guess I agree with this, as MOST civilized white people in America are truly not out to offend anyone (in fact, they’re more overly-cautious NOT to offend anyone… it’s our own punishment that says “You’re white, so other races will THINK you’re judging them” even though you’re not.) but the system is still structured in a way that keeps underprivileged people down. It happens in housing, it happens in schools, it happens in jobs, it happens all over the place. THAT is wrong and yes, keeping up racist ideals.

However, I also think there’s a HUGE problem in the U.S. with non-whites thinking they can say offensive things about whites and not be labeled a racist. Some sociologists believe that non-whites CAN’T be racist, because they’re a minority; I STRONGLY disagree with this. Racism is saying/doing hateful things against another race. Period. Black people say horrible things about white people on a daily basis and get away with it, while white people are essentially shunned if they speak up about it.

It’s complex, but racism is still here in many forms.

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1 Response to It’s complex, but racism is still here in many forms.

  1. strength3751 says:

    I have to say I agree with that 100% percent. Just because “blacks” or “asians” or whatever race is a minority group to “whites”, it does not mean that they cant be racist; anyone can be racist.

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