Automatic Assumptions

Growing up I went to an all white school in a very small town. Many of my classmates did not even learn about race until late middle school. Race was never really talked about. It was never a “needed” subject as my English teacher once explained. “We’re all white here, we all look and act the same around here so there’s no point in discussing what racism is and what kind of races there are. It would be a waste of class time.” A few months later we got three new students. They were all very much like my classmates and I. Very kind and polite and well raised. But of course that’s not how the school seen them. The only thing that seemed to matter was the color of their skin. My community was raised to think all black people were nothing like us whites. Therefore us kids were scared to talk to them. I’m positive those kids felt so unwelcome and uncomfortable with our behavior. Eventually they moved out of the community. Growing up in an all white population or even an all black population isn’t always the best thing. It is shocking that race is still being uneducated. We have all these ideas about other people, but we never know the whole truth. I don’t think we ever will when it comes to race.

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