I’m 24, Caucasian, work at a convenient store in Strongsville and my boss is Arabic.  I’ve been working there for 7 years and it is still the only job I’ve ever had.  My boss and I have become very close over the years and we consider ourselves family.  Our families also know each other fairly well.  There has been countless number of times when I tell people my boss is Arabic it is instantly becomes “obvious” how he treats me and how he does things.  “He has to treat you horrible because Arabic males treat females awful and make them do everything.  He probably talks on his phone and to his friends in Arabic rudely while waiting on customers.  He can’t pay you well at all because Arabic’s are cheap.” I’ve heard so many stereotypes made about my boss from people who have never met him.  My boss is hands down one of the best people I have ever met.  Whenever I have ever needed anything, he has always been there.  Whether that may be my pay in advance, more hours, less hours, schedule change, or just advice.  He would do anything he could for anyone who needed help.  He does not pay me bad at all, there is a reason I’m still working for the guy.  And, I don’t even think he can speak Arabic! It makes me angry when I hear people talk negatively about him just because they assume they know what the average Arabic person is like.  I can honestly say I would rather work for him over a lot of Caucasian people I know. Just because one person of one race acts a certain way, does not mean they all do.

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