“Didn’t ya momma teach you Spanish?!”

Being of Hispanic decent, there have been many times that people will come up to me and start speaking Spanish assuming I know exactly what they’re saying. Whether it’s customers at work or the women at my hair salon, they automatically whip out the Spanish and I just smile and nod since my knowledge of the language is limited to the 3 years I took in high school. It’s annoying that I get scoffed at and asked why my mami no habla Espanol. I’ve lived in suburban Ohio all of my life with my two English speaking parents. It’s especially annoying because my mom isn’t even the Hispanic one out of my parents but she was assumed to be the one who had to teach me. While I would like to know how to fluently speak Spanish, I don’t appreciate that people don’t even ask if I speak before going 200 words a minute in another language and then getting offended when I don’t understand them

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