Miley Cyrus scandal

Well we all know how crazy Miley Cyrus has become over the last few years in her life after Hannah Montana, and yes everybody can say how unbelievably ridiculous her VMA performance was. But I am just confused to why people think it was a “racist” thing when she was slapping a black woman’s behind. Yes a very raunchy performance and crazy as can be, but I do not understand why it was being called racist. Being racist is far from what she had done on that stage a few weeks ago. If someone else had done a performance like that doesn’t matter your skin color or ethnic background, would that performer get this much feedback? So if someone could please explain to me why certain parts of that performance was racist I would like to know why. Because to me it was just a crazy girl wanting to get attention for something that every single person in that audience and the people watching from their tv’s just sat there in shock and pure embarrassment for her and the way she was acting the whole time.

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3 Responses to Miley Cyrus scandal

  1. I agree with your whole entry. Some things that are being said about her just aren’t true. Yes, very raunchy indeed and attention grabbing, but racist, not so much. What if a black girl was up on the stage slapping someones butt? Would we even think anything of it? I’m sure she wouldn’t be called racist.
    What Miley did was purely entertainment, and she did a very good job at it. She has upset some people, but racist is NOT a term that we should use to describe her . Does anyone even realize what the word “racist” means anymore?

    • cole23 says:

      Exactly I agree with you as well. I honestly don’t think anybody knows what “racist” means anymore. People throw that term out there like its nothing. It is not a term to use lightly like it is now a days. Its a very strong word and people should not just use it freely like they do.

  2. courtneyjdanko says:

    Unfortunately a lot of words are thrown around freely like there nothing, when in fact they are hurtful words that shouldn’t be said unless pertaining to the actual definition.

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