Transgender Flight Attendants!

Thailands PC Air Hires Transgender Flight Attendants
his link goes to an article on the Thai Medical News website.
The article speaks about how there are a lot of “ladyboys” in Thai and that the Doctors in Thai are experts in field of gender reassignment, making 6 figures. I found this article interesting because of how accepting they were of “ladyboys” being that they are a conservative culture. We we’re talking in class about how the doctor gets to choose which sex the baby will be but here the individual choice and its not until later in life.For being conservative culture they have so much more tolerance than we do just look at this article: Transgender Americans. Where laws are just being put in place so that children won’t be discriminated against. We have to keep putting up laws to protect people of all ages who are “different” than how we view ourselves.

If we are to “Keep Moving Forward” as a country then we have to be more tolerant and stop being so angry towards people who we view as different.


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