Gender Roles

Let’s talk about gender roles. I don’t know why but this topic always gets me going. Where did this idea even stem from? Men are supposed to take out the garbage and mow the lawn and women are supposed to cook and clean the house, says who! Growing up I learned both roles and can not be more thankful because now I don’t need to rely on a member of the opposite sex to take out my trash or cook me food. We are all capable of completing task of each others roles so why do we stress on these so much?  I feel its pure laziness and lack of motivation to learn! 

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4 Responses to Gender Roles

  1. cole23 says:

    I’ve always wondered the same thing. For years and years it has always been the same thing, men do certain tasks and women do certain tasks. Just like you I have grown up learning both roles as well and it makes me feel good about myself knowing I do not have to rely on a man to do something for myself; I can do it for myself! It is such a different world now, a very independent world where each person is capable of doing everything and anything they want on their own. And to me that is a great thing,

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  3. Gender roles, is just a word I believe society made up. I don’t considered it to be gender roles, just something that feels right. I can take out the trash if my dude is not there, However if he’s at home he just usually carries the bags. I cook most of the times, because I am a better cook, even though he might say he’s a better cook, I usually do the cooking. Could you imagine me carrying the bags, when I have a big strong man next to me? It is not so much gender roles, it’s like a norm. How about this, let’s just share all the responsibilities 100/100. Why is it such a big deal, A man is suppose to be the provider, the head. Women were created to be a help mate to man.

    • I am not sure I like the ending of this, I don’t think women were created just to help a man mate. I think that is 100% wrong!! Women can be just as independent and be the provider for themselves. I do not need anybody to be independent! I want to provide for myself and my man can provide for himself, we can both provide for each other. It is not a one way streak here. Both of us can put in that 100% by providing for the household as a whole.

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