Race interaction in academia

I will admit that the high school and college I went to were both predominantly white. There was some diversity in my high school, but blacks and hispanics made up what I would guess to be less than 10% of the enrollment. I think there were probably more asian and Indian students actually. Of course I knew some racist kids. By shear percentages it is near impossible not to at a large institution. Still none of my immediate friends were. The guys I was closest with all played football and ran track together. Teammates were teammates, and classmates were classmates. We didn’t party a lot because we were always in season and competing, but when we did everyone seemed to get along fine.
When I got out to JCU it was more of the same. Only there was more diversity, and now there were girls too. And now it really didn’t matter where you were from except in ‘get to know ya’ conversation because we were all living under the same roof. I didn’t think I consciously went out of my to make friends who were minorities, but when I look back at it now, maybe I did. Maybe my thinking was if the situation were reversed I would hope people would do the same to me. But we were all eager to make new friends in college so I really can’t say. Either way I formed some nice lasting friendships out of it.
Now I do still hang out regularly with some Detroit and Michigan fans. Those S.O.B.’s. THAT requires love and respect of our differences. lol

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