Provocative Tailgate Decal Stirs Controversy

Here’s an article relevant to our exciting discussion of of issues surrounding gender inequality. Is this out of line or do people just need to lighten up? What would happen if you switched the gender/race/ethnicity of the person tied up? 

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1 Response to Provocative Tailgate Decal Stirs Controversy

  1. courtneyjdanko says:

    This decal is very shocking to me. But here’s the thing- this decal would surprise and possibly even upset me if i saw it while driving down the road not because it is a poor helpless woman tied up in the back. If I saw a decal of ANYONE tied up in the back of a truck- asian, mexican, child, or woman I would not believe my eyes. What does the difference matter if it is a woman? Are we supposed to care less? Or care more?
    I’m going to be outraged and shocked no matter who I see in the decal.

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