I have enjoyed reading the posts from our class. I will say in my household that everyone pitches in. I am home during the day three days a week, so I usually do the dishes. we do not own a dishwasher so it is all done by hand. My wife did them yesterday since I was at school all day. I usually cut the grass, however occasionally she will do it. Her allergies to grass and all the other things growing in the yard almost makes it dangerous for her. I have agreed to this very rarely just on the basis  of her health, she also has asthma, I have at times turned my ankle cutting the grass.  our yard is fucking bumpy with an occasional hole you can step in. anyway we work together to get done what needs to be done, the gender thing doesn’t really come in to it. I make dinner a couple times a week, but my cooking leaves a lot to be desired. Oh and of course our 24 year old sons who live here rent free and make most of the dirty dishes tend to disappear just when the sink is full, punk-asses!

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