Interracial relationships

I feel that we shouldn’t limit ourselves to who we can and can’t have as a significant other because of skin color (and other reasons). I think more people are feeling that the situation of interracial relationships are more acceptable; however, I feel that I tend to see more black men and white women together compared to white men and black women together.  Anybody see the same or know why?

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2 Responses to Interracial relationships

  1. cole23 says:

    I agree with you, people should be with people not based on skin color, but based on what’s in their hearts and how they truly feel about the other person. Love is love and it shouldn’t matter your skin color or even a woman and a woman or a man and a man or just a woman and man. None of that should matter, love matters and that is it! I do tend to see more black men with white women, it is very rare to see a white man with a black woman. Why is that?

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