6 Reasons (+2) to NOT Send Your Daughter to College

So I came across this HORRIBLE article online today:

6 Reasons (+2) to NOT Send Your Daughter to College
My comments: wow way to force your daughter into thinking she can’t accomplish anything by herself and that she will need a man to rely on and only can be a mother and wife!!!

6 reasons to send your daughter to school:
1. She will attract men of equal standing, education, and work ethic. 
2. She will learn to be independent and not a naive, childish doormat. Also, she will learn to make smart choices about her life, rather than being a sheltered child who knows nothing of the world’s sins and sinners.
3. She will make a career of her interests, rather than being forced into a single, strict role. 
4. She will learn the value of money and self-motivation. Although higher education is expensive, it can be more than worth the monetary value if one works hard.
5. She doesn’t have to be forced into the role of a homemaker. By allowing her the opportunity to be a scientist, teacher, police officer, poet, or whatever, you open the doors to the world for her, just as you would for a son.
6. She can juggle work and family. By discouraging/denying her the option of college whatsoever, you show that you have no faith in your daughter as you do your son. Your son should have an equal role as a parent as his wife does.
7. She will choose her own life. If she chooses the sole role of homemaker, then she will have chosen it having seen a bit of the world.

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