The Working World

I have never been around sexist behavior. That is until I started getting jobs. Not only am I to weak to do any form of heavy lifting, but because I am not only a girl but a “young girl” I cant even take the garbage out. As much as I don’t like taking garbage out, I feel I am fully capable of doing the job. I can clean and organize but oh no no no; there is no way I’m aloud to lift anything over 10 pounds, or help any costumer out to their car. I find it insulting that I am so looked down upon in those aspects. I feel no one has the right to tell others what they are incapable of doing. Of course I can make sandwiches and clean but “men should do manly things”. It is ridiculous that people are still treating each other like tiny weak fragile beings.  Racism and Sexism are huge problems still to this day. If only we could prove we’re all the same.

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1 Response to The Working World

  1. cole23 says:

    I feel the same way, the world believes that men and women can not do the same job and it is aggravating, because women can do just as good as men do. I think racism and sexism will exist forever, nothing will ever change.

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