On my way in to work each morning, I encounter plenty of idiots.  I admit that I drive faster than most.  But when I am on the highway at 5:30 in the morning, I expect traffic to have a certain uninterupted flow to it.  We’re obviously the early birds going into work ahead of the 8am-ers who are still trying to wake up with their essential daily java fix.  I have had it confirmed by more than a few people that they are incapable of good decision making without that coffee.  Or there are the people are clearly late and still getting ready or putting on their make-up, combing their hair, or shaving!  Then there are those real special people who are already talking on their phones about what I’m sure are matters of the utmost importance.  And don’t even get me started on the ones that are texting while driving!  These people don’t satisfy any racial or gender stereotypes I have heard in my days.  It’s mostly white males actually.  Now maybe there are just more of them on the road at that hour, but I assure you these people are as dangerous as anyone else I’ve witnessed behind the wheel.  Besides, Asians can’t be bad drivers.  We’ve all seen Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift, right?

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