Mother and Father Equality

Why is it that a mother has to be proven to be a bad mother, no matter how terrible she is, but a father has to proven to be a good father, no matter how great of a father he is.  Whatever happened to the father’s rights?  We only get those if we can afford them. 

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1 Response to Mother and Father Equality

  1. courtneyjdanko says:

    Very strange but true thing to think about. Fathers have something to prove, where as mothers are automatically loving and caring and precieved as good people. I’d say this is happening because father’s don’t have such a track record. Don’t get me wrong there are PLENTY of fathers who have stepped up and been as good as a parent, sometimes even a better parent than the mother. But as you look into past history, fathers are known to having to go to court and pay child support and court ordered to be a part of the child’s life. Do you think this is because of the bonding that goes on between the mother and baby? That since it’s not as important that the father “bonds” like the chance the mother gets, it leaves the father to feel separated and left out?

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