Women in Combat

I was speaking to a retired soldier that I knew well enough to ask his hones opinion on what he thought of and how he thought the men of the military took the news that women would be aloud in combat roles, including Special Forces.  I remember we were walking down the hall and he grabbed my arm and said “do you really want to know?”.  He spent the next 20 minutes telling me why he thought it was a bad idea.  Now I have never been in the military so my opinion is moot but coming from a retired soldier maybe he should be listened to.  His main points were:

 1. The standards will be lowered in order to allow women to get in these roles.  He stated that this will undermine the effectiveness of our military.

 2. We teach these soldiers to be aggressive, this can be a volatile mixture when women are added into the mix.

 3. Men have a natural instinct to protect women and this will effect the fighting ability of the unit.

This is from a retired military man, you may not agree with his opinion but ask your self, what is your opinion worth on this matter?  We all probably have opinions on this matter but do we all have military experience?  Have we been in their shoes?  Think is all I say.

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