dont look or else

When I was in Iraq, I was with a combat unit which is an all male unit. We were always on patrol  and very rarely back at the main base where there were females. A lot of Iraqi women covered up so pretty much the only attractive women we saw where those that were on the base. At first it was nothing but after 12 months of being only around dudes, we would always look when a female would walk by. The women started to notice and complained to the chain of command. So command then put out an order that said if any soldier were caught staring at a girl for more than 3 seconds this would be viewed as sexual harassment and you would be punished with one week hard labor. This disturbed us very much. Now we knew that it isn’t polite to stare when they walked by, but it was only staring and nothing more. When your stuck with a bunch of guys all the time that’s going to happen. Further more now we not only have to worry about not getting shot in the face in battle, but to make sure you don’t look at females because they view it as sexual harassment. I felt that this was unfair and segregated the females because everyone was afraid to look at them.  How do you feel about this?

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3 Responses to dont look or else

  1. reese2189 says:

    That’s so weird! You would think those girls would want the attention from you guys since they’d been around only females for 12 months. THAT was considered sexual harassment? Wow, can you imagine if something more than staring actually happened, what would they call that? Ha.

  2. mmr40 says:

    Okay I agree that the 3 second rule leading to a sexual harassment write up is a bit much but I can definitely see why the women made it a big deal. While you said you now have to worry about not getting shot in the face AND not staring, those women had to worry about not getting shot AND getting stared at like a piece of meat. You said yourself you knew it wasn’t polite but you expected the female soldiers, who were supposed to be your equals on the battlefield, to be okay with the demeaning behavior so they were probably being segregated anyway because of how you were looking at them. The women were just as deprived of sexual contact but based on what you said, they didn’t have to implement a staring rule for the females.

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