Tribute to that good ol’ savage

The Washington Redskins is not a racist name? As a member of an American Indian tribe I would have to disagree. I have read people’s opinions on this issue and some think that it is a tribute to those warriors who fought so bravely with such spirit. It is not. When an army that is armed with superior weaponry and deadly pox infected blankets are riding into your tree-lawn through your front yard, and your family is right there where all the fighting is. Children, wives, mothers, grandparents are sitting there and this army is firing their guns and cannons and all you can do is try and stop this army long enough for your family to try and run to safety. You know you will probably be killed and won’t know whether they will escape and survive. That is not a warrior’s spirit, but what any being that loves their families would do. These armies that rundown families are not on some distant battlefield they are coming down your street, looking for anyone that looks like you, whether old or young, men or women. They are doing this on orders, and yes they are at war, but the orders come from Washington. So after they almost wipe out the American Indian, and put the survivors on reservations, take away all weapons, outlaw your hunting, outlaw your ceremonies, outlaw you language, and outlaw your look, and take your children, round them up, and send them hundred’s of miles away for years to be schooled. That is a tribute? When you watch and old western , like an old John Wayne movie, and the guy comes in and says the redskins are on the warpath, I don’t get the feeling like wow those guys are paying tribute to that fighting spirit of the Indian . Do you ?

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