Where to live

As I discuss my future plans with my co workers I learn some unimportant information. As I told them I was very interested in moving to California and or Texas the first thing I hear Is “why would you want to mover there? Both states are just filled with Mexicans”. Whether that may or may not be true, it shocked my when I first heard that. Why would I care if Mexicans live there? Why would anyone care? Apparently this coworker of mine only feels comfortable in places where the people look just like her. That is the problem in this country and places all over the world. Why does it matter if Mexicans or any other ethnic group lives in one place. Why should you decide where you live based on if there is other individuals who look like you? I believe that if we could change the way people think in that aspect then maybe just maybe discrimination could possible be decreased.

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2 Responses to Where to live

  1. strength3751 says:

    People like to blend in, plain and simple. When people go somewhere that makes them stand out in a crown people they feel uncomfortable and targeted; like all eyes are on them. Not only does it have to do with staying camoflauge and low key, Mexicans can be known to have some pretty serious gangs. So even though they may be hard workers and mainly take poor jobs they also have a bad reputation in some areas of the United States. It’s clear though that your co-worker has probably not had any experience for her self with a large group of Mexicans because they aren’t all obvioulsy like what she thinks they are.

    • marietown says:

      My coworker and many people I am around obviously don’t have any form of experiences with any other race than their own. It is sad.

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