Cherokee girl transferred to adoptive parents

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One Response to Cherokee girl transferred to adoptive parents

  1. captdouger says:

    The American Indian Child Welfare Act is to try and keep American Indian children with the American Indian community. Many children have been adopted out, myself and brother included, but many come back to the reservation looking for some clue as to who they are and what it means to be Indian. This can be a long and tough trek, many Indian people who haven’t grown up with Indian families feel lost or disconnected with themselves and their adopted family, and the adoptive families do not understand the feelings of the adopted Indian children. This is not because the adoptive families don’t want to help, or don’t care, it is that being Indian is strange when you can’t recognize the connection to place, time, people , and spiritual understanding of our Indian DNA. It is a real dilemma, because the unemployment rate, the alcoholism rate, the poverty rate , suicide and life-expectancy rate are much higher in Indian communities. I would more than likely be dead if I had grown up on the rez , my brother also. So I can say Thank You to the Creator for letting such fine folks adopt me, because I have had a wonderful life so far. It is tough to have it just one way or the other, it should be taken on a case by case basis. The heart of the law is in the right place. P.S my brother and I were the first and second inter-racial adoptions in Cuyahoga County. My brother in 62, me in 64.

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