Class assumptions


I have noticed that people assume something about you and how you are by the line of work you do. That because you work a lower class job they don’t expect much out of you. For example, I am a garbage man for a city. One afternoon I had to go up to city hall for some reason and I stopped to talk to some friends that work there. A lady that was clearly lost walked by and asked me if I what I did for the city, I told her and she got dumb smirk on her face and took a step back as to avoid my smell I assume. She said never mind you wouldn’t know the answer to my question your just a garbage man. Turns out all she wanted to know was city hall hours. I guess since I was  just a lowly garbage man I can’t read the sign with city hall hours that was standing right next to me. You can’t judge a book by its cover.


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1 Response to Class assumptions

  1. mn2454 says:

    Working at a graphic design company that designs and prints many of the political postcards and yard signs that you may see or get in the mail, we get many of the politicians coming through our business often. So many (not all but many) have the same sort of smug, elite personality that im sure comes with the job. It is very frustrating being talked down to by people like that. It is sad that people are that way.

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