Product of my Environment

I was raised by a loving mother and father, who taught me that everyone was the same and deserved to be treated well.  They did not teach me hate or prejudice by their words or their actions.  I grew up more sheltered than most did not experience other races / ethnics except few and far between.  So I do not think I had any strong preconceived notion when I got a job working in the inner city.  For the next five years I worked 6 days a week, well over 50 hours a week.  I loved what I did and believed in it to, even though most around there did not.  It started slowly I saw the mentality of the people I was working around, I tried to hold myself to higher standard but after so many years the cancer grew to big and took hold.  Do I consider myself prejudice?  Yes, just like most people I was around in the inner city.  I have certain expectations, I am pleasantly surprised when they are not true but more than likely they are.  I know we learned that this is just me fooling myself about what I expect and what I believe are exceptions to my rule.  Logically I know what I think is wrong but it is too ingrained in me, I can not change.  The one way I learned to live with it is by giving people chances.  Yes I have certain expectations, but you get a chance to prove to me that you are a decent upstanding citizen, and not a dredge on society that produces nothing but sucks the life out of a healthy community.  I was not raised this way I learned to be this way because of my environment.

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