Parking the Camels

I work in a nursing home and one of the patients who likes to sit in the door way and observe everything that is going on pulled me aside the other day. He asked, “Why are these foreign people doing sitting in the bed across the hall? They get up and walk into the hall jibbering something and walk back in. What are they doing?” I explained to the patient that they are patients here as well from India and that the “jibber” they speak is Punjabi. He proceeded with the comment, “For Christ sake can’t they speak English? I am going to ask him where he parks his camel”. As I attempted to redirect him he continued to give me about 10 reasons of why it was a good question to ask. I explained that not only would that not be polite but that he would not even understand the question due to the language barrier anyhow. Some people just don’t care.

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