Roles of women

I am the manager of a convenient store in Strongsville.  My boss expects me to open the store, ring out customers, check in orders and pay bills, make sandwiches and cut deli, put away beer, wine, etc.  All of which I am used to.  I’ve been doing this for 7 years now.  The guys I work with REFUSE to let me put away the beer because I am a girl.  They said I shouldn’t “have” to do that much lifting.  Although it’s a nice gesture, it irritates me.  I am fully capable of putting 10 or so cases on a dolly and taking them into the cooler and stocking them.  Regular customers also always have something smart to say when they see me putting the beer away also.  It usually is something like “you’re putting that away? You should be making the guys do it” it’s really not that challenging.  I won’t let any of them touch it just to prove a point!

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4 Responses to Roles of women

  1. strength3751 says:

    Right there with you. My stubbornness would kick in and would not let any of them have a chance to even move it or look at it. Some people view women as weak and I’m sure your point making actions are to get them to think differently. Good for you.

  2. courtneyjdanko says:

    As a girl, i prefer jobs with physical activity.I like them more than sitting at a desk all day or cashing people out. Lifting and putting things like that away is JUST what I’m good at.

  3. cole23 says:

    That would irritate me as well! Women can do the same jobs as men, doesn’t matter what it is. It’s ridiculous that people say we have equality between men and women, when we really don’t at all.

  4. ec1975 says:

    I understand how it can be irritating for people to think that you are weak, but at the same time, me being a man, I was raised to be respectful to people in general, especially the elderly and women. Although it may be offensive to you because of your pride, it can also be offensive to the guys not helping you lift those cases. Sometimes I find it difficult to know which female I should offer to help without offending her. It’s the same thing I go through when I say to a woman “yes ma’am and no ma’am”. It’s a sign of respect but most women are offended because they say it makes them feel old. I understand your point, but I encourage you to take it as a good gesture despite what remarks you might hear that will offend you.

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