wild-card game

I was reading a couple of posts about the Cleveland Indians wild-card game and thought I would add my two cents. People who dress up as chief wahoo are supporting their team perhaps, but would they dress in blackface? If they did would that be okay? We could say they are dressing up as Cleveland Browns and are just supporting their team. What if they came in silly glasses that made their eyes look Asian. Chief wahoo is a racist symbol, just as the Sambo’s mascot was racist. This is not like the “Fighting Irish” , that is a leprechaun and not an actual Irish person. The leprechaun is mythological , American Indians are not, we are still here and do not look like chief wahoo. As an American Indian, I do not feel honored by the Cleveland Indians mascot. I would like to see what would happen if people go to a game dressed in blackface. Would you say we are just having fun  and that we are supporting our team. Would you say that it brings people together? 

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