Asian Stereotypes

For some reason I have never paid attention to Asian stereotypes, maybe because I don’t know or see too many? Not sure, but I know in my lifetime, I haven’t heard too many. With that being said- yesterday I was turning out of a parking lot. I was actually turning out of the mall parking lot, around 5pm, which if anyone know southpark/strongsville area at 5pm it’s a nightmare.
I pressed down on the gas to make a right hand turn out of the parking lot onto 82 and a woman in a minivan was coming right at me. For whatever reason she thought I was in the entrance and so she was trying to pull into the mall around me. Clearly I was pulling out of the correct exit and she was headed right into oncoming traffic. I felt embarrassed for her as she had to put her car in reverse and try and back out of oncoming traffic and created a huge ordeal. Is it a coincidence that the woman headed into the wrong lane of traffic was Asian? Or what? Are they really bad drivers?! Like all of the time?

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