Gone in 60 Seconds

I have watched this movie a million and one times and while I have caught onto it I have never truly read into it. There is a scene where there is a driving instructor named Donny (black man) in the car with a student (Asian female) and there conversation went like this: Donny says to the student, “Don’t look at me, look at the people next to you! Nex… Look at the… – well, turn the wheel! Pull over, pull her the hell over!” You then hear other drivers yelling for them to get off the road. Donny then tells the student, “Don’t touch nothing! You can’t negotiate turns. You can’t signal properly. You can’t maintain speed. You can’t parallel park. Hell, you can’t drive, honey. Shit, I can’t swim, I know I can’t. So you know what I do? I stay my black ass out the pool!” Typical stereotype that black people can’t swim and Asian female are horrible drivers. These comments are everywhere!

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